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epiclyintense's Journal

Epicly Intense Graphics
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A J-Rock Graphics Community~

Hello everyone~
Welcome to Epiclyintense, a JRock graphics community.
Basically what we do here is just make graphics for everyone to enjoy.
You may post icons, wallpapers, layouts, ect. here as well as resources like tutorials and scans.

The community's theme right now is ZiL, as you can see.
IV and Ko~Ki are just too awesome together. :3
I hope you all like it. 8D~

Please join, as all entries are for members only.
Thank you for stopping by~

If you follow these simple rules, you'll have a great time in this community, so please read on~!

- Joining: All we ask is that you stay atleast somewhat active in this community after you join.

- Respect: If you can't be nice to your fellow members, you will be kicked out. This means no flaming, no rude comments, ect.

- No Stealing: Who steals graphics? Come on now, guys, you're all better than that. If you steal anything, and we find out, you're outta here.

- Posting: All big posts must be under an LJ cut. Also, make sure to make every post in this community as Members Only.
You are welcome to post scans, pictures, and tutorials here, as they can be used for graphic purposes. But they all HAVE to be JRock related only.
Also TAG ALL ENTRIES use the band/artist name and what you are posting [i.e - ZiL, icon, wallpaper], this makes it easier for other members to find stuff related to a band/artist they like easier.

If you break any of these rules, I will give you a warning or two. If you fail to listen to these warnings, you're out.

capslock_alice9, komawoyo, graffiti_jihen, velvet_graphics,
xloliconsx, visual_drug, nidema, haenbokcookie, lovelessinvolve

If you want to be an affiliate, please, send me a message with the name and a description of whatever you want affiliated~ <3

No links as of now~